Sunday, February 19, 2017     Volume: 31, Issue: 30

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Did you find the video that SLO city officials made joking about "hot," "shirtless" firefighters offensive?

Yes. It was sexist and demeaning to the brave members of the SLO fire department.
I was more offended by the terrible jokes and bad acting.
It was in poor taste, but the media is hyping it up way too much.
The video was good-natured self-deprecation This is political correctness run amok!

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Mighty Heidi: Heidi Harmon wants SLO to be a net-zero emissions city. Can it happen?

Cover Story

Mighty Heidi: Heidi Harmon wants SLO to be a net-zero emissions city. Can it happen?


Before becoming the mayor of San Luis Obispo, Heidi Harmon often searched for symbolic victories in her progressive and environmentally centered political career. One of her favorites happened during her campaign for the 35th District State Assembly seat in 2014. Running against Republican incumbent Katcho Achadjian, Harmon recognized from the outset that she’d likely l... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Articles



Travel ban prevents filmmaker from attending SLO Film Fest


While the ultimate fate of President Donald Trump’s travel ban remains uncertain, it’s still preventing an Iranian filmmaker from attending the San Luis Obispo Film Fest i...

SLO fire chief and city manager get complaints over video


In the wake of a controversy over a video aired at the recent San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce dinner featuring jokes about “hot,” “shirtless” firefighters, the cit...

Public, SLO City Council to workshop rental inspection program


SLO city residents interested in the city’s rental housing inspection program (RHIP) can attend a workshop to discuss its future on Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. in the Veterans Hall. ...

Only 101 black bears in SLO County, study finds


After a years-long scientific study, biologists believe they have a more accurate number for the population of black bears in SLO County.  A recent report commissioned by th...

Treading underwater: The water board is not happy with the Cambria Community Services District


The Cambria Community Services District is in the hot seat with the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, which is threatening to revoke the district’s water t...

Big trouble in little AG: Tensions between the mayor and the Arroyo Grande City Council are coming to a head


Longtime Arroyo Grande resident Patty Welsh liked Mayor Jim Hill. When Hill mounted a write-in campaign challenging the city’s former embattled mayor in 2014, Welsh said she...


Thank God you're in charge now


Now that I know that you have the power, I can rest easy and not concern myself with all of the claims and lies being spread by the crooked media and the left wing radicals. I...

The disaster that wasn't


The photo on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday, Feb. 13, was ominous as a torrent of water released from the Oroville Dam spillway thundered into the v...


Remnants of an offshore oil disaster

By Tim Bennett - San Luis Obispo

If there’s any question about drilling for oil off the coast of San Luis Obispo County, just take a walk on the beach at the Bacara Resort & Spa or Four Seasons Hotel in...

Dear 'New Times' readers

By Michael Latner - Atascadero

In my column last week, “The meaning of fraud,” I discussed a rumor of election fraud carried out by my friend Al Fonzi and Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley, for an imagina...

Drop the sanctuary fight and unite against oil

By Jeremiah O'Brien - Morro Bay

San Luis Obispo County is currently engaged in character assassinations similar to the Salem witch hunts and burning people at the stake over made-up or perceived transgressio...

Harmon is a leader for all

By Rosemary Canfield - Shell Beach

Heidi Harmon is a role model for leadership, and the city of San Luis Obispo is so very fortunate to have her as its mayor. She came to this post after great reflection and a ...

Thanks for echoing how silent conservatives feel

By Ken Blasingham - San Luis Obispo

I would like to commend the New Times for even daring to publish a piece like Gary Wechter's Feb. 9 commentary, "So, you didn't vote for Trump," as the media is so left-wing b...


Head-scratching petty politics

Looks like the kerfuffle over the SLO Chamber of Commerce video featuring SLO Fire Chief Garret Olson and SLO City Manager Katie Lichtig is heating up. According to SLO City...

Street Talk

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

James Kelsch Lexi McCoy Paul Boes KC Kishineff

Strokes and Plugs

Jog with dogs


What do wine tasting, helping the community, and Elvis Presley costumes all have in common? Why, they’re all things that happen at the Paso Robles Dog Jog, of course! The D...


All rise: Local students compete in mock trial


Local middle and high school students got a glimpse into the drama of our justice system recently when they participated in a series of mock trials concerning defendant “Cam...

For the love of pie: Sweet Art show celebrates all things yum


With the aftermath of Valentine’s Day consisting of a heart shaped box filled with crumpled-up wrappers and half-eaten chocolates, it can be easy to think, “Maybe I should...

White wonderland: Finding solace in the iconic views of Yosemite


I wanted to visit a remote place that had spotty Wi-Fi and cell service, so that I could refrain from the everyday social media, email, and text message checking that I find m...

Art for sale


Itching to build a home art collection, but don’t know where to start? Head to Donald Archer and Lori Slater’s annual studio sale in Cambria Feb. 18 and 19. Archer’s pa...

Defying gravity


Be transported to a world where humans do the impossible or at least the improbable with an evening at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center watching the Golden Dragon Acrobats ...

Growing on up


As the impending apocalypse draws nearer, the idea of self-sufficiency and living off the land sounds more and more appealing. Join Central Coast Grown on Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. f...

Guilty Pleasures: The Black Dragon's Revenge


When? 1975  |  What’s it rated? R  |  Where’s it availble? DVD and Blu-ray. Do you like 1970s Blaxploitation flicks? How about cheesy ’70s kung fu flicks? Well pr...


Whitherward brings its eclectic indie folk to the Morro Bay Wine Seller on Feb. 17


In their video for "The Dragon," Whitherward—an indie folk duo from Nashville that’s been on continual tour since they left a couple of years ago—filmed in Cambria’s N...


'John Wick: Chapter 2' is a rollicking good action sequel

Keanu Reeves reprises his role as retired legendary hit man John Wick, who in the first round (John Wick, 2014) came out of retirement after a Russian gangster stole his car...


Slow down and chew: Slow Money SLO connects farmers, food purveyors, lenders and the public


The rain is coming down fast and slick, but it’s warm, dry, and cozy inside the San Luis Obispo Guild Hall. The air is thick with the smell of ginger and jujube tea, dark ch...

Hayley's Pick

Linnaea's Marionberry Mocha and Rock Front Ranch's Jujube Tea

Many a Portlandia fan understands the allure of the humble marionberry, a blackberry-olallieberry crossbreed developed at Oregon State University (fun fact). You don’t have ...

Hot Dates

Roosevelt returns

Artist Paula Zima will debut a scaled-down model of a proposed monument to Theodore Roosevelt at the Senior Center in Mitchell Park in SLO, Feb. 19 from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Rooseve...

Haunted holiday

As an alternative for those who aren’t big fans of Valentine’s Day, The Haunt in Atascadero will be open for anti-Valentine’s Day shows, Feb. 17 and 18, featuring scenes...

Essential herbs

The San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden will host herbalist Tellur Fenner of the Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies in Ukiah for a presentation on Edible and Medicinal Plants,...