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New Times is the Central Coast's award-winning weekly with a circulation of 25,500 papers and 13,000 digital copies weekly throughout San Luis Obispo County and northern Santa Barbara County to more than 92,050 residents, visitors, and college students. With controlled placement at over 500 locations in racks and outdoor boxes, hotels and motels, retail stores, banks, shopping centers, restaurants, and nightclubs, as well as Cal Poly, Cuesta College, Hancock College, and area chambers of commerce, wide readership and high visibility are maintained.

New Times is published every Thursday morning. Ad insertion orders and copy are due at 4 p.m. on Friday before publication. Ad cancellations cannot be accepted after 4 p.m. the Friday prior to publication.

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New Times Media Group Media Kit
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From circulation numbers to rate card and advertising information.

MENUS Advertising Rate Card
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Private parties may run FREE classified line ads in our Autos/RVs and Boats for sale categories.

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Rates are per ad for ads in the classified section only.
Rates are for ads that run weekly.

CLASSIFIEDS advertising rate card

Legal Notices
For rate information call 805-546-8208 or E-mail Fictitious Business Statements $59 (one name one owner).

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Each week, 25,000 copies of New Times are distributed throughout San Luis Obispo County and northern Santa Barbara County at over over 500 pickup points. We keep a sharp eye out for new locations and monitor every pick-up point like a mama bird keeping watch on her brood. When demographics and population patterns shift, so do we. But we don't do it alone. We work closely with Verified Audit Circulation, one of the nation's premiere newspaper auditing services. You'll find New Times maintains controlled placement in outdoor racks and boxes, at hotels and motels, retail stores, banks, shopping centers, restaurants, and nightclubs.

You'll also find us at the region's major learning institutions Cal Poly, Cuesta College, and Allan Hancock College as well as at area chambers of commerce. If you don't find us someplace, that's probably because someone grabbed the last copy.

But you can be sure we'll make note of that and deliver more papers next week. It's easy to reach our upscale, educated readership. Just give our advertising department a call at 805-546-8208.

Verified Audit

That's why we work with Verified Audit Circulation.

New Times is audited regularly by Verified through its Northern California office (319 Miller Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941, phone 415-383-3623). Verified is a national company with rigorous and accurate auditing requirements.

Each week, New Times follows a careful, methodical procedure developed by Verified to assure complete distribution accuracy.

Verified's guidelines require us to monitor our distribution points weekly, making any adjustments that might be needed.

Verified also requires detailed distribution records, including weekly route lists for every distribution point.

Verified maintains monthly updates of route lists for its reference and requires us to supply them with detailed quarterly reports.

Verified conducts regular, on-site audits of our printing, distribution, and financial records to substantiate all data submitted to them.

Verified also conducts visual, on-site audits of how many papers are left at each distribution and how many of the previous week's issue remain. These are random audits conducted quarterly.

And Verified provides us with an annual audit report, which we include in our media kit.

When it comes to getting New Times out to our eager readership each week, we want to know exactly what's going on. And we know you do, too. That's why we work with Verified.



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How would you like all of our readers to know all about your restaurant before they sit down at restaurant?

You know you would.

So would everyone.

And that's what MENUS is all about: a way for thousands of readers to find out what great fare your restaurant serves, even when they're not in your restaurant yet.

MENUS is the premiere restaurant guide of the Central Coast. Because MENUS is the only publication that introduces hungry customers to your restaurant by offering them your menu to peruse. That's why we call it MENUS. And that's why people quickly snap up each issue. Because MENUS makes it convenient for them to have the menus of Central Coast restaurants all in one, handsome publication that they can keep on hand whenever they decide to eat out in the months ahead.

That's right, "months" ahead. You see, MENUS is distributed every six months throughout over 300 strategic locations around the Central Coast.

Our distribution is 50,000 copies.

Pick-up points for MENUS include chambers of commerce, hotels, college campuses, corporations, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas, including many New Times racks.

MENUS. Food for thought when it comes to reaching hungry customers.

To advertise in MENUS or locate the MENUS location nearest you, call New Times at 805-546-8208. E-mail

MENUS is a special New Times publication.

Online Advertising

New Times is an award-winning newspaper. New Times online reaches readers all over town and even around the world. Its easy-to-navigate interface, event listings, and cover story archives combined with 24-hour-accessibility make the site a hit with a growing audience of online readers. Updated weekly with new cover story, listings, helpful local information and popular columns, New Times is earning a repeat visitor reputation as one of San Luis Obispo most trafficked web sites.

Online Advertising Rates & Information
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805-546-8208 E-mail

To see a directory of the latest issue of Menus here.

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