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When will we learn? 


It’s no wonder why people have so much disdain for government. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley; it seemed like every time a new section of asphalt was laid, two weeks later some worker came along with a jack hammer and dug a trench through it.

They are considering doing a similar thing in Atascadero: build a multi-million-dollar roundabout to accommodate increased traffic for the proposed Wal-Mart without knowing if it will be adequate. It’s absurd to think the existing bridge will accommodate the demand future plans will put on it. How shortsighted to build only what is necessary to allow Wal-Mart to open its store and force future business to bear the burden of additional construction. As long as Atascaderans are going to foot the bill for the lion’s share of the project, we should demand a lasting, useful interchange that will allow easy access for all, residents and customers alike.

If the city council insists on ignoring what’s best for Atascadero, they should be held liable for future costs when they occur, even if they are long gone. Abusive city employees have been held accountable for their actions recently, as the city of Bell’s city manager will attest. Those who ignore the need for sunlight by requesting a complete EIR and Cal-Trans report leave the door open to suspicion. Please do not rush to Wal-Mart’s whims and become another of their corporate lapdogs.

-- David Deick - Atascadero

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