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Wake up to how SLO County treats the 'homeless' 

I'm writing because I'm concerned about the welfare of this community, let alone the state of humanity. My fiancé and I have been living in a travel trailer for six years on the Central Coast. We went from being harassed by police officers and sheriff's deputies for simply sleeping, to a massive back down after the COVID-19 outbreak. Sadly, we felt at peace after a world pandemic.

We've been working at local popular businesses and saving for an opportunity to accomplish our dreams up north while finding somewhat of a transit rhythm in the county. However, the unsophisticated and ignorant attempt to assist the "homeless" by opening the Kansas Avenue safe parking site program, bringing in an influx of out-of-state people, seemed to turn into a bust for all involved. Now, the safe parking programs (Kansas Avenue and the SLO train station) are shut down and the roads are inundated with those persons vacated onto the only allowed or "safe parking" roads.

Does the public honestly think all of us don't try to get onward and upward? Do they honestly think that all of us wish to live nomadic lifestyles forever or that we don't have hopes and dreams? Have they ever considered the failing of the system they believe so much in and that the lowest of any society can only be as great as the highest of that same society?

It's frustrating that San Luis Obispo County decided to place people living in their RVs or trailers into a space between a pound, a jail, and across from a prison. Oh, and 40 Prado homeless shelter is across from a sanitation department. Wow! If that doesn't make a statement about how this county feels about us! There's an abundant amount of space around to provide simple parking or a place for the unhoused living in tents to live, yet that's the best they could do!? Institutionalize people in that environmental energy only to evict them!? Please wake up.

Christina Linn

San Luis Obispo

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