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So much environmental destruction for nothing 

First I want to support the thoughts in the May 9, 2024, letter regarding no protests to protect Mother Earth ("Where are the protests for Mother Earth?"). I have to agree, I am amazed that college students are not standing up for our planet and trying to protect it. The war in Ukraine, plus now all the fighting in Gaza and Israel are only adding to global warming and climate change. All the destruction, all the waste—what for? Is it going to improve their world, our world, the planet? I think not. It is all just a waste that is costing a fortune in lives, economies—just so much destruction for nothing.

And right here in our own county, the Board of Supervisors approved by a 3-2 vote the Dana Reserve development that will kill more than 3,000 mature oak trees and their habitat. I cannot understand, no matter how much housing (affordable?) is involved, anyone who could send this many trees and all they support to their death. There was an alternate solution that really wasn't considered. I hope those three supervisors have nightmares, hearing those living, breathing trees scream as they are cut down. I, personally, will never again trust or support the supervisor of my district.

Sharon Roberts

San Luis Obispo

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Should Arroyo Grande use eminent domain to repair the Traffic Way bridge? 

  • Yes! The bridge serves the public, and repairs are essential.
  • No—that's private property, and seizing it is government overreach.
  • Maybe, but there's much more the city should do first.
  • What's eminent domain?

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