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We need term limits, even in Atascadero 

Based on my own life experiences and strong convictions, I am an advocate for term limits at every level of government. We have all seen too many politicians who have been elected to office to represent our voices, to direct government on our behalf, who end up being part of the government machine. 

Two terms is long enough, and there should not be any exceptions. Elected officials should do their job and then go home. Career politicians are good at words and promises and saying, “I will work for you, the people,” but in reality they often become stuck in bureaucracy and work very hard for themselves in getting re-elected because they are addicted to the power, prestige, and often the wealth of politics. 

Career politicians will do anything and say anything to get re-elected. It is time for a change and time to elect non-politicians to office. Please join me in this election to retire all of our career politicians. Career politicians and their supporters will tell us that experience is necessary. Political experience is not necessary, because we need people who can think for themselves, who have the initiative to make things better for everyone and those who can think outside the political box. 

We don’t need “business as usual.” We need new voices with new ideas to help form some new plans and then have the courage to follow up with some real action. Change is also healthy and important at our local level, so please join me, along with five other former mayors of Atascadero, in support of Nicholas Mattson for mayor, a new and energetic voice for all of us. Go to Nic’s website, Mattson For Mayor, if you need specifics on his ideas and plans for Atascadero.

-- Rolfe Nelson - former Atascadero mayor

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