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In a recently published New Times article titled “Balancing act: Atascadero mayor dismisses lingering concerns over potential conflicts” (Oct. 13), the writer excerpts minutes from a Planning commission hearing on the bed and breakfast owned and managed by the mayor and his wife. The excerpt is a comment made after motions, when I offer that the commission limit events to a number less than requested because perception may claim preferential treatment. 

To be forthright, I personally was not concerned because I knew the commission fully vetted the item, but as we all know, caution often needs consideration because as in this case, others do use and spin information as they deem fit without researching its content. So for rest of the story, after deliberation the commission voted 7-0 to grant the requested events, and since has not treated any other applicant differently. 

In closing, I support Tom O’Malley for mayor because of his lifelong leadership and commitment to Atascadero that includes the shaping and directing of our city staff to provide beneficial support and assistance to the families and businesses within.

-- Dennis Schmidt - Atascadero

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