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Wake up to ethics, students! 

I’m just home from Southern California and read the article about the 67 students who cheated at Cuesta (“Class action,” April 9).

Given the snarky news coming out of Cal Poly, this just hit me hard. What are our Central Coast students thinking? Or are they thinking at all? Do they have zero values? Zero sense of ethics? I’d hate to think they are following in the ways of our government, as we seriously need future leaders who believe in ethics and moral values—and I’m not talking religion here, but those values that allow us to survive as a civilized nation … .

That said, I do not think the fact that Cuesta is not forthcoming about what the punishments are/were is complimentary either, but do know that donations to either Cal Poly and Cuesta will not be on my radar this year, nor will I suggest that others donate either until both schools solve their problems, whether it be with the Greek system or cheating. I really care not; just clean house!

-- Carol Kiessig - Templeton

-- Carol Kiessig - Templeton

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