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Gov. Newsom's first words set to harm lawful citizens 

Happy New Year! It's 2019, and Gavin Newsom was just sworn in as governor of California. Both he and the Democrats in the state Legislature want to turn their far-left ideas into reality. Their priorities are: government-controlled health care system for all, including illegals; legalizing statewide heroin injection sites; protecting the failed high-speed rail project; and taxing our text messages!

I don't know about you, but I don't have enough dollars to pay for everyone's health care, including illegals from around the world. And the above priorities are just the beginning! Call or email Gov. Newsom and our local state Sen. Bill Monning and tell them to get their priorities straight!

There are real problems happening in our state, like homelessness, poverty, and crime—yet Gov. Newsom and the Democrats would rather focus on issues that don't help improve the lives of everyday Californians. If we allow Newsom to continue with this plan, California and the nation are doomed. Even though our economy nationwide is booming, we, the taxpayers, are being lined up to be fleeced and sacrificed for those who are not legally authorized to be here.

Wake up and say, "No more!"

Phil Mordaunt

San Luis Obispo

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