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Gay marriage won't doom humanity 

Paso Robles

Regarding “Stay in the closet” (Jan.14): David Baskett can state his opinion, that’s his prerogative, and I’m sure there are many who agree with him, as well as many others who think differently. Baskett wrote, “it is a death sentence if society abandons normal relations between men and women.” If I understand his apocalyptic theory, he thinks legalization of same-sex marriage will lead to a widespread exodus of people from heterosexuality to homosexuality, eventually reaching a tipping point when there’ll no longer be enough heterosexual couples procreating, and the human race will become extinct.

I’ve read an estimate that about four percent of the population is homosexual. I don’t see how legalizing same-sex marriage for homosexuals will cause masses of people to abandon their desire for a male to female relationship and become homosexuals. I, for one, wouldn’t. And since when is there a requirement to procreate in a marriage? I know lots of married heterosexual couples who’ll never have children. I remarried later in life, and my beautiful wife and I won’t have children. According to Baskett, marriage is only for procreation, and even if we don’t have children we shouldn’t marry the one we love.

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