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Change shoes, for a minute 

Paso Robles

  The "Yes on 8trs" have lots of reasons for denying same sex marriages, which I'm sure make perfectly good sense to them. I've heard them all: theology; they already have equal benefits; the meaning of marriage would change; protecting traditional marriage; children would be taught about gay marriage; wait, it'll happen, it just takes time, the majority has spoken; I tolerate them; they can move to Massachusetts or Canada.  It just goes on and on.  I ask the Yes on 8trs a few questions. If you were born gay, would you vote the same way? Do you have family members or a close and loving relationship with any gay or lesbians? How does explaining your vote to them make you and them feel? Have you experienced the turmoil for acceptance homosexuals struggle with, often for their entire life? How many more emotional scars are we going to inflict on a group of fellow Americans? Do you hear their cries for acceptance? Does the hurt they feel that their love for one another is not accepted as equal in our society concern you? Do you think they are going stop falling in love just because you don't want them to get married? How does their getting married hurt you or your marriage in any way? Does it make you feel uncomfortable for me to ask you these questions? You may or may not know it but people in my life and probably yours are being hurt by your vote, right now, every day. It's my truth, and my reality. Merry Christmas, peace on Earth.

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