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Disappointing reporting 

I think Chris McGuinness fell far short of what one would expect in his reporting of the 20-year-old, Grover Beach man deported to Mexico ("ICE arrested 20-year-old DACA 'dreamer'... ," Dec. 6).

The sense I took from his report is that a "dreamer" (one who is seeking a better life in America and wishes to legally have the opportunity to pursue it) whose crime was merely a "misdemeanor" was taken from his family by ICE (the villain) and deported to Mexico where he "has no job and doesn't speak very good Spanish" (and we should feel sorry for him).

Information that seems to be missing from his reporting, perhaps purposely, includes details such as the crime he was punished for that put him in jail for three months and any mention of the victims. I think we all know that a first-time, misdemeanor offender isn't likely to be sentenced to jail time so one must assume that he's a repeat offender or in some other way a danger to the community.

And we also know that getting caught for a crime typically doesn't happen the first time a crime is committed (though it is possible), but rather after repeatedly committing crimes. I think reporting these details would have been valuable in allowing me (and your readers) to decide if "David" is a potentially dangerous criminal needing to be removed from our community or the victim of unfortunate circumstances deserving a second chance.

Although dreamers are not here legally, we know that if they do not commit crimes they're not going to be arrested and deported. And if ICE believes that David is a danger to our community, shouldn't we be happy that he's gone? Aren't we, perhaps, saving a neighbor, a family member, a friend, or even me from being robbed, raped, maimed, or killed by just one more irresponsible foreigner here illegally?

Let me suggest that rather than demonizing ICE we should acknowledge and appreciate their efforts to keep us safe.

Gary Wechter

Arroyo Grande

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