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New Times Best of SLO County 2014: 28th Annual Readers Poll 

Foe. Rival. Nemesis. Enemy. Call them what you will, but we’ve all got them, to one extent or another. It might be the guy at work who always steals your lunch, the detective who rats you out to Scotland Yard, the jock who mocks you for playing Magic: The Gathering, or the news station that keeps beating you in your own readers' poll.

But at the end of the day, that instinct to compete, to overcome, to win, to best our adversaries is often what drives us to create our best work. Whether that work happens to be a delicious burrito or culinary concoction best found in our Dining Out section; a cold margarita after a long day at work, as identified in After Hours; a theatrical production that will have you laughing or crying, and possibly both, from Arts Scene; an ingeniously crafted bit of bling for your earlobes, pet, or eyes, from the diverse Burnin’ Money section; the best haircut you’ve ever had, as featured in About Town; climbing equipment that will support you during your biggest adventure yet, from the Get Out section; or a politician who will renew, or confirm your lack of, faith in politics, from Community Watch, it’s worth celebrating.

So here’s to you, archenemies! Just this once, we’ll drink to your health … once we’re done scouring the After Hours section of Best Of to determine where to go for that drink.

—Ashley Schwellenbach, Managing editor


2014 Best of Photo Credits

God vs. Lucifer
Models: (God) Youssef Alaoui (Lucifer) Damian Camacho
Costumes: Costume Capers
Location: Poly Canyon

Dining Out
Jocks vs. Nerds
Models: (Jocks) Colin Rigley, Ashley Schwellenbach, Dora Mountain, Josh Sutherland, (Nerds) Ben Simon, Chris White-Sanborn, Annie Bruington, Jennifer Marie Hix, Sarah Harwood, Cody Frazier
Location: Stolley’s on the Alley

After Hours
The Bride vs. The Crazy 88
Models: Dora Mountain, Leni Litonjua, Trever Dias, Colin Rigley, Ashley Schwellenbach
Costumes: Costume Capers
Location: Mo Tav


Arts Scene
Light vs. Dark
Models: Regina Penton, Stephanie Bailey, Elizabeth Wilt Stevenson, Jamie Relth
Location: Suspended Motion


Burnin’ Money
Sherlock vs. Moriarty
Models: Henry Bruington, Ken Samuels, Beau Barclay
Location: Phoenix Books


About Town
Blondes vs. Brunettes
Models: (Blondes) Aileen Manley, Matt Fountain, Jon Haddeland, Katherine Perello, Makayla Dubois, Alex Houlis, Marissa Provensen, Jenna Hatley, Jenny Gosnell, (Brunettes) Erin Messer, Amber Gillespie, Rachelle Platis, Amber Clark, Scarlett Gravelle, Elaina Dente, Abe Gibson, Aubrey Hurst, (Redhead) Hayley Cain
Assistants: Margaret Cowite, Amber Gillespie
Location: Tigerlily Salon

Get Out
Captain Hook vs. Peter Pan
Models: Michael Miller, Colin O’Shaughnessy Tucker, Laura Ragsdale
Costumes: Costume Capers
Location: Montaña De Oro


Community Watch
Ron Burgundy vs. Wes Mantooth
Models: (New Times) Jono Kinkade, Erin Messer, Colin Rigley, Ashley Schwellenbach, (KCBX) Randol White, (Tolosa Press) Theresa Marie Wilson, Camas Frank, Gareth Kelly, (KSBY) David Hovde, Kathy Kuretich, John Reger, Jeanette Trompeter, (Cuestonian) Michelle Zaludek, Cliff Mathieson, Mike Satchell, Tally Meyers, (Mustang News) Sean McMinn, J.J. Jenkins, Stephan Teodosescu
Costumes: Costume Capers
Location: Alleyway




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