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Where did you dream up this rhetoric? 

I feel as though I must comment on Richard Miller’s letter, “The Dreamers deserve better” (Feb. 26).

First off, turn off MSNBC—you seem angry! You paint those you disagree with as “racists”: The GOP is “racist,” the do-nothing Congress is “racist,” the judge is “racist.” Why is that, I wonder? Is it because they don’t believe and think like you? Amazing! The left wing has no use for differing opinions or proper discussion; just throw out hateful and vindictive vitriol. Your thoughts fall on deaf ears, since you wish to denigrate those opposed to your views. A majority of Americans agree with not paying for the so-called “dreamers.” That’s because for every dollar spent on someone here illegally, that means one less dollar is available for a deserved, possible low-income, and maybe even minority citizen of the United States. It really is that simple.

Why should they go to the front of the line? I have nothing against anyone, really, as most migrant, illegal workers here are hard working. That still does not give them the right to go to the front of the line and avoid any pitfalls and scrutiny for breaking our laws.

Therefore I would say you, Mr. Miller, are racist, for not agreeing with my thought processes. How do ya like dem apples? Your ridiculous accusation of “their actions will be equated with the Nazis’ roundup” shows just how out of touch you are with reality. Looking around, I see nothing like a Nazi roundup happening yesterday, today, or in the future. So I say again, turn off MSNBC and put down your DNC Kool-Aid; it makes you miserable. If it matters, I am neither a Republican or a Tea Partier—just someone who is sick of the hateful rhetoric coming out of the left wing today.

-- Bruce Connolly - Orcutt

-- Bruce Connolly - Orcutt

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