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Keep Diablo open 

I attended many of the meetings associated with PG&E's proposal to close Diablo Canyon. I was amazed at the lack of pushback by citizens and local business who depend on more than $1 billion that Diablo Canyon Power Plant brings to the region yearly. I expected loud wails of, "No, we'll go broke! The plant brings over a billion dollars to the economy per year."

But Americans seem a complying bunch lately. Kick us, mock us, take our money supporting our family and we whimper and crawl away, wounded.

This proposed closure of Diablo Canyon (by 2024-25) is all about one thing: selling more and more natural gas. The "fix" seems in nationally. Helping that industry played a role in the proposed closure of an Entergy Indian Point nuclear power plant reactor in New York, too. Politicians in Sacramento regularly get checks from this industry (campaign donations).

Wind and solar are pushed in Sacramento. Both need massive amounts of natural gas to back them up. Wind and solar contribute a pitiful 5 percent to national electricity. Nuclear makes up 20 percent of U.S. electricity (plus, it's carbon free) using only 60 power plants out of more than 7,000 total power plants of all types.

Diablo Canyon is a "baseload" source of electricity: It runs all the time. Solar puts out about four hours of electricity on sunny days. Wind is good for 40 percent of its rated capacity (when there's wind).

Diablo Canyon is the most powerful emission-free single electricity source in California, and we're in a climate crisis. Fires burn even on the coast regularly. But oil and gas get what they want—every time. Take your vote from politicians who don't care if your business goes broke and don't care about your family's climate and future.

COVID-19 is a mild problem compared to what global warming will soon bring.

William P. Gloege

Santa Maria

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