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Fonzi's fumings 

As usual, Al Fonzi's column on Jan. 30 ("Vets are angry") spews bitterness and anger at just about everyone. His latest rant is against a 2007 vote by then-Atascadero City Councilmember Ellen Beraud where she wanted to spend money to actually help our veterans get housing, jobs, and other services they really needed, when others wanted to spend it on a pricey war memorial. Personally, if I was a veteran in need of help, I'd rather have an apartment, a job, and counseling over an expensive monument.

Fonzi rattles on about WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq—in which our veterans served honorably and with great distinction, with tremendous losses. But his misdirected anger should be pointed at our Cadet Bone Spurs president (and his friends), who sends our troops to war while getting a bogus deferral for "bone spurs" from a family doctor, and then played varsity tennis for four years while bravely bearing the pain of foot "bone spurs."

Everyone, listen up: This is a perfect example of angry guys living in the past, trying to force their bitter life experiences down on the rest of us. Don't fall for this. Think of the world you want for you and your families, and make it happen. Elect a person who has experience, who works and lives and raises their family here in Atascadero, who wants to make things better for all of us, not just some of us.

Look to the future.

Vote Ellen Beraud for supervisor.

Dan Cook


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