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Don't forget the human impact 

Avila Beach

In March 2008, I remember reading that a crude death note was sent to a county employee who was involved in evicting residents from Sunny Acres. Now, in 2011, our county employees and Judge Crandall are at it again. I don’t believe in violence, but I sometimes think our paid officials go too far to have their way on code enforcement. It’s hard to fathom that anyone would think that people are better off living under bridges, on our streets, or in their cars when they could be in a shanty with a bed and a place to hang their clothes, and a dairy barn that was converted into a kitchen where they could get a warm meal, and out of the hot sun or rain depending on the weather. I have eaten many meals that were prepared in that kitchen and have never gotten sick.

I personally have helped at Sunny Acres, planting trees, raking leaves, and other odd jobs. I would like to know how many volunteer hours those giving the evictions notice have given to Sunny Acres. Or do they just show up to do their inspections? Then go back to their homes with warm beds, good food, friends, and their comfortable lifestyle, forgetting about those who have no place to go.

I never hear about the work programs that go on at Sunny Acres, like the young man I talked to who was learning how to put an engine in a car, another was learning welding, and many were learning how to plant crops, feed the livestock, or prepare meals in the kitchen. I am sure there were other jobs I don’t know about.

I thank you and Steve for having the guts to put into words and pictures what many of us have known for years (“For better or worse,” Sept. 29). Some of our county officials only think about duty, not how it affects human life.

-- Betty Woody - Avila Beach

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