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Don't fear socialism 

It seems the climate change naysayers are starting to come around. They are anxious to bash the Green New Deal as socialism, which forces them to admit that climate change is real. Now the real work begins. The Green New Deal, and those supporting it, are called socialists. It is an overused word meant to connote fear. Nobody wants to be called a socialist except Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Even Bernie hedges by calling himself a "democratic" socialist.

It is time to call a spade a spade. What we really have in our country is a far-right-wing group that is so pro-capitalism they want no regulations on corporations; they should be called "Super Capitalist." On the other side is a continuum that ranges from wanting regulated capitalism to a stricter form of capitalism that demands corporations be held accountable for their actions. No longer should we have corporations whose first priority is "profit for the shareholder." Instead we should demand corporation's first priority be "to do no harm." No harm to people, no harm to the planet.

If corporations were held accountable for the harm they cause, they would not be so quick to destroy the planet or produce harmful products. The 2020 presidential race will define the America we want to live in. We should not be afraid of the label socialism, instead we should call out the corporate shills who are in the White House and Senate who would rather let our planet turn to dust than stand up to the fossil fuel industry.

Common sense is all we need to tell us climate change is real: The planet burns an Olympic size swimming pool of oil every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. That has to stop.

David Deick


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