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A ray of hope 

I keep hoping that one of the smart people on the anti-Trump side of political discourse will come up with the ultimate argument to put Trump supporters in their place; something that will kill "the Big Lie" that keeps getting bigger. Republicans' have weaponized the Constitution's First Amendment, disregarding any attempt at truth, fully embracing Trump's playbook of "if you say it enough times, people will believe it."

When will Democrats figure out that the Republican lie machine is bent on regaining power at any cost and come up with an argument that sticks? Certainly, they need to fully implement the tools they have while they still exist. The Jan. 6 committee is creeping along as McCarthy and others keep flinging stones to attack it. If Democrats don't join together and pass progressive legislation, we can kiss our slim majority goodbye, putting another SCOTUS jurist in jeopardy of becoming conservative.

If we lose in November 2022, I guess we deserve what we will get. A Republican House and Senate will end Biden's agenda. I am not a scientist, but those consequences are enough to end almost any hope for planet Earth's future.

If the Democrats are not willing to support the people who vote for them, than I guess I will give up. I don't have that many years left anyway. I can't keep telling myself that things will be different in the next election—holding my breath for another two or four years—we need action now. The planet is at risk, our democracy is at risk, and personal freedom is at risk. Texas vigilantism will spread state to state: We will live in fear of our neighbors.

I hope that is not our fate. I hope Democrats can unite on progressive issues, end the filibuster if necessary, preserve our democracy by holding accountable those who wish to subvert it by using the First Amendment against liberty and science, and allowing almost an entire political party to promote "the Big Lie" misleading their followers for their political advantage.

Biden's recent tough stance on COVID-19 restrictions indicate the start of movement in the right direction. A ray of hope!

David Deick


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