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Something’s smokin’ in the Village 

Shawn Jewell is proud to announce the grand opening of the Village Cigar Lounge and Gallery at 104 W. Branch in the Village of Arroyo Grande. Jewell owned and operated Renegade Tobacco and Gifts in the lobby of the Pismo Beach Hotel before the hotel was closed for renovation earlier this year.

The purveyor of fine tobacco products has taken advantage of his relocation to expand his business into a more spacious art gallery and lounge. Cigar connoisseurs are invited to light up their wares in the upstairs lounge, which offers a wide-screen TV, and where Jewell soon plans to install a billiards table — as soon as he can figure out how to get it up the stairs. The former location had an exceedingly strict nonsmoking rule, but outside the auspices of the Pismo Beach Hotel, Jewell can claim exemption to the indoor smoking ban on the grounds that more than 90 percent of his business involves tobacco products.

In addition to the eclectic range of gift items, including die-cast model cars and an assortment of Mardi Gras paraphernalia, the Cigar Lounge has also made room to exhibit local artists. Currently on display are a series of arboreal landscapes by Fred Hewitt and a half-dozen sketches and portraits by Scott Frazier, who specializes in Native American motifs.

Conveniently located two doors down from Ralph and Duane’s Office and Cocktails, Jewell points out that he is maintaining the artistic tradition of the location, which formerly housed Raspberry Palette Fine Art Painting. Once his liquor license is approved, Jewell also hopes to add wine tasting to the business’ many offerings, a service he believes the village is thirsting for.

The mild-mannered tobacconist looks forward to a prosperous holiday season and a number of activities being coordinated by the Village Association, including Christmas in the Village, which kicks off Nov. 27 and 28.

For more info, call the Village Cigar Lounge and Gallery at 674-3109.



Jeff Cannon of Grover Beach has created an invaluable reference tool for anyone interested in keeping tabs on the local SLO County music scene. Cannon launched in September of this year, and he likens the web site to “a Rolodex listing of the area’s up-and-coming players as well as a direct link to seasoned pros.� By offering information and advice on booking gigs and arranging recording projects, Cannon hopes his web site will help bands and fans alike to keep in touch and preserve the Central Coast’s live music scene, which he fears is fading away. For more info, visit

...Digital Movie Cinema (DMC), based in Boulder, Colo., is seeking local filmmakers to contribute their movies for a nationally distributed DVD series. Each month the company will compile four hours of short- and medium-length films, and sell the collection directly to consumers. DMC’s goal is to help independent filmmakers by promoting quality entertainment over high production value. Selected artists can expect to earn between $2,000 and $10,000 per contributed minute. For more info, contact CEO Keith Mann at [email protected]...

Marines and volunteers are mobilizing once again for the seasonal Toys For Tots campaign. Started by a U.S. Marine Corps reservist in L.A. in 1947, Toys For Tots now operates internationally, bringing holiday cheer to children from around the world. With hundreds of box locations in SLO County alone, the philanthropy organization is currently soliciting donations and seeking volunteers for this year’s collection and distribution. For more info, contact Bill Watt at 423-0119, or visit

...Last week the Tri-Counties Blood Bank launched its annual blood drive, with ambitions to collect 2,000 pints by Thanksgiving and 4,000 pints by Dec. 17. With centers in Santa Barbara, Salinas, and SLO counties, the Tri-Counties Blood Bank is challenging the Central Coast to be more supportive than ever before. For more info, contact the San Luis Obispo blood bank at 543-4290. ³


Staff Writer Jeff Hornaday compiled this week’s Strokes and Plugs. E-mail him at [email protected].

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