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Nov 25, 2003
vol. 21, no.10

Order in the Court?
Claims of sexual harassment and mismanagement linger at SLO County’s courthouse

Nov 20, 2003
vol. 21, no.10

Photo Contest Winners
Lucia Mar Unified School District plans to serve irradiated beef in school lunches beginning in January

Nov 5, 2003
vol. 21, no.9
Safe or sorry?
Lucia Mar Unified School District plans to serve irradiated beef in school lunches beginning in January
Oct 15, 2003
vol. 18, no.9
The DA's dodge
Re•cuse: to reject or challenge (a judge or juror) as disqualified to act, esp. because of interest or bias.
Oct 08, 2003
vol. 18, no.8
What happened to the SLO life?
Former cabbie Dell Franklin remembers the SLO life.
Oct 02, 2003
vol. 18, no.7
Drawing the Lines
If political prognosticators are right, more
Californians will go to the polls Tuesday than
have bothered in a long, long time.
Sep 25, 2003
vol. 18, no.6
Mouthing Off
When Dave Congalton began his talk radio career
12 years ago, there was only one other radio talk
show host on the air in SLO County.
Sep 18, 2003
vol. 18, no.5
Cops on the Water
Sometimes, a good day at the lake can turn out
worse than a bad day at the office.
Sep 11, 2003
vol. 18, no.4
Something's fishy Here
Just how many fish swim our coastal waters? Area
fishermen say plenty, while the Department of
Fish and Game says it hasn’t the slightest idea.
It was time for someone to sue someone.
Sep 04, 2003
vol. 18, no.3
Who's Policing the Police
A man is killed two weeks ago by sheriff’s deputies.
The county settles an earlier case for $2 million. A
police brutality lawsuit is brought against the
SLOPD for $3.48 million. Paso police shoot and kill a
Aug 28, 2003
vol. 18, no.2
Living easy
Workers’ comp fraud has bedeviled the county school budget to the tune of $3.1 million so far this year
Aug 21, 2003
vol. 18, no.1
Sustainable objections
Local activists challenge Cal Poly to use ‘green’ design in mammoth student housing project
Aug 14, 2003
vol. 17, no.52
Assault with a deadly vehicle
A 17-year-old girl is killed while walking in a crosswalk, leaving her anguished parents to wonder if the driver has friends in high places
Aug 7, 2003
vol. 17, no.51
Toothless tigers?
Modern grand juries are limited in what they can really do
July 31, 2003
vol. 17, no.50
Fear and loathing at the Mid-State Fair
Our intrepid reporters partied till the cows came home
July 24, 2003
vol. 17, no.49
Into the bowels of a nuclear reactor
They’re called ‘jumpers’ and they go where no one else will
July 17, 2003
vol. 17, no.48
From toxic avenger to Rome scholar
Cal Poly’s Joe Ragsdale, landscape architect, wins the Rome Prize
July 10, 2003
vol. 17, no.47
Just say yes! Just say no!
The drug war wages on in unusual places
July 3, 2003
vol. 17, no.47
Woman of achievement
Pioneer activist and Atascadero resident Emily Polk celebrates 93 years
June 26, 2003
vol. 17, no.46
Toxic kitties (and other otter tales)
Are felines killing otters by elimination, or is this just another environmental ruse?
June 19, 2003
vol. 17, no.45
Paid to be ‘Weird’
Cal Poly alum ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic goes back to school
June 12, 2003
vol. 17, no.44
Corporate influence on local news
How much of what you read in the Trib is brought to you by the bottom line?
June 5, 2003
vol. 17, no.43
The stories we tell
They don’t have to be tortuously long to stir the imagination
May 29, 2003
vol. 17, no.42
Agriculture gets wired
The future of farming is in the stars–and the hands of graduating high school seniors
May 22, 2003
vol. 17, no.41
Planners rule
Go ahead and nod off while the planners plan, because that’s just what they want you to do, right?
May 15, 2003
vol. 17, no.40
How we live
From miniature to massive, SLO residences reflect their owners’ lifestyles
May 8, 2003
vol. 17, no.39
Family feuds over murdered dad
Two brothers fear their butcher father may have been killed by someone in the family
May 1, 2003
vol. 17, no.38
What a monster!
Best of SLO 2003
April 24, 2003
vol. 17, no.37
What the heck is that?
Take a tour of the Central Coast’s most extreme architecture
April 17, 2003
vol. 17, no.36
Pipe dreamer
A candid conversation with Bruce Buel, the man behind the Los Osos sewer project
April 10, 2003
vol. 17, no.35
War isn’t a pretty picture
Three Central Coast artists recall their days in the heat of the battle
April 3, 2003
vol. 17, no.34
Taken away
A Morro Bay Egyptian man fears separation from his U.S.-born children
Mar. 27, 2003
vol. 17, no.33

Downsizing the California dream
Is splitting the state into several smaller states the only way to save California?

Mar. 20, 2003
vol. 17, no.32
Address unknown
An Atascadero postal worker’s disappearance is the latest of 237 missing-person cases in SLO County
Mar. 13, 2003
vol. 17, no.31
Rough water on the lake
Some residents bristle at Monterey County’s plans to use more water from Lake Nacimiento
Mar. 06, 2003
vol. 17, no.30
Pink power
Alex Madonna sounds off about government, big box stores, pigs, pink, and the world's most famous urinal
Feb. 27, 2003
vol. 17, no.29
Party like it's Sunday afternoon?
SLO Mardi Gras organizers fought for their right to party and won ... now what?
Feb. 20, 2003
vol. 17, no.28
To war, or not to war?
As millions around the world march for peace, SLO County activists square off for their own debate
Feb. 13, 2003
vol. 17, no.27
Gimme shelter
SLO County's homeless get plenty to eat, and sometimes a place to sleep
Feb. 6, 2003
vol. 17, no.26
Big brother, where art thou?
The U.S. government's invasion of our civil liberties has sent a chill down the spines of many Americans
Jan. 30, 2003
vol. 17, no.25
The politics of food
Sustainable farming practices rely on democratic principles for getting healthy food to market
Jan. 23, 2003
vol. 17, no.24
Under fire
Grover Beach's fire chief is feeling the heat of allegations of alcohol abuse, amateurism, and mismanagement
Jan. 16, 2003
vol. 17, no.23
Chinese remembered
Ah Louis left a huge imprint on San Luis Obispo's formative years
Jan. 9, 2003
vol. 17, no.22
The do it because it's the good and right thing to do
Central Coast volunteers get joy out of helping others, no matter what cynics may say
Jan. 2, 2003
vol. 17, no.21
Like so many broken chess pieces
Foster children shuffled from one home to another often bear a lifetime of pain

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