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Dec. 19, 2002
vol. 17, no.20
Like so many broken chess pieces
Foster children shuffled from one home to another often bear a lifetime of pain
Dec. 12, 2002
vol. 17, no.19
Water, water everywhere
With desalination of an ocean's supply, there's plenty more than a drop to drink
Dec. 5, 2002
vol. 17, no.18
Art failure?
Local educators stuggle to fill the arts gap left by Proposition 13
Nov. 28, 2002
vol. 17, no.17
Inmates who die behind bars
New prison hospice program ensures that ailing prisioners will not die alone
Nov. 21, 2002
vol. 17, no.16
Marijuana mayhem
California patients' rights to medical marijuana may go up in smoke if feds get their way
Nov. 14, 2002
vol. 17, no.15
The eyes have it
Our seventh annual Winning Images photo contest showcases the talent, skill and vision of SLO County's finest photographers
Nov. 7, 2002
vol. 17, no.14
Strange bedfellows find common ground
Ranchers and environmentalists seek solutions to rangeland management at ag symposium
Oct. 31, 2002
vol. 17, no.13
Home, home on the road
SLo County's homeless 'guerrilla' campers make the most of living out of their cars, vans, and mini-RVs
Oct. 24, 2002
vol. 17, no.12
In their own words
Democratic Congresswoman Lois Capps and her Republican Challenger Beth Rogers
Oct. 17, 2002
vol. 17, no.11
Should we have told?
With the publication of the Kevin Graves story two weeks ago, ‘New Times’ unleashed a rain of protest throughout the county that’s still raging. Did we do the right thing? Here’s what some local and national journalists think of our decision.
Oct. 10, 2002
vol. 17, no.10
Good cop or bad cop?
Three Grover Beach police officers say they were fired for getting too many drunks off the road-including relatives of the SLO Police Department
Oct. 3, 2002
vol. 17, no.09
Still on pointe (or still ontheir toes?)
The Civic Ballet celebrates 25 years of dance memories
Sept. 26, 2002
vol. 17, no.08
A hostile legal environment?
Why the frquency of sexual harassment lawsuits in SLO County is diminishing
Sept. 19, 2002
vol. 17, no.07
PAC attack!
Are local performing arts centers meeting local groups' needs?
Sept. 12, 2002
vol. 17, no.06
Shootout on Pine Street
Fightin' words heat up the battle to save Paso's historic Pine Street Saloon
Sept. 5, 2002
vol. 17, no.05
America interrupted
Recent citizens reflect on the war on terrorism, the American Dream, and what it is to be patriotic after Sept. 11
Aug. 29, 2002
vol. 17, no.04
The magical mystery tour
Aug. 22, 2002
vol. 17, no.03
Erasing yesterday
SLO County's Liberty Tattoo Removal Program gives participants a clean start
Aug. 15, 2002
vol. 17, no.02
Surviving the budget axe
SLO County's school superintendents tighten belts and learn how to do more with less.
Aug. 8, 2002
vol. 17, no.01
The Cold War heats up in Cambria
A battle with millions at stake has broken out on the old Cambria Air Force Base (and, yes, there really is such a thing)
Aug. 1, 2002
vol. 16, no.52
Whatever happened to second base?
Oral sex is all the rage among SLO County kids, bringing greater concerns about sexually tranmitted diseases
July 25, 2002
vol. 16, no.51
Want to make a movie? Here's how
July 18, 2002
vol. 16, no.50
Father figures
Married priests are still practicing the sacraments despite disapproval from Vatican
July 11, 2002
vol. 16, no.49
No fishing allowed
A statewide ban is driving the number of fish up while dragging the fishing industry down
July 4, 2002
vol. 16, no.48
We like short shorts
Check out the winning entries in our 16th annual 55 Fiction contest
June 27, 2002
vol. 16, no.47
Jagged little pill
The feds want to give locals a pill to stave off thyroid cancer in case of a nuclear emergency, but some local folks are saying it's not enough
June 20, 2002
vol. 16, no.46
The neighborhood that never was
Oil is a sticky mess, especially when it seeps up throught the floors in local homes
June 13, 2002
vol. 16, no.45
Traditional vines
Though technology offers alternatives, a few local growers are choosing to keep up the dry framing tradition
June 6, 2002
vol. 16, no.44
Hearst's revenge
The behemoth mansion is a memorial to the megalomaniac's life, but was there something more?
May 30, 2002
vol. 16, no.43
Expensive living through chemistry
Hospital costs are skyrocketing. Tenet executives are getting rich. The sky is falling. So what?
May 23, 2002
vol. 16, no.42
Traffic cops on the information superhighway
Is computer crime really on the rise, or are there just too many fledgling cybercops chasing around on the World Wide Web?
May 16, 2002
vol. 16, no.41
Jewish and gay in SLO
Identity clashes with tradition for 'sinning Jews'
May 9, 2002
vol. 16, no.40
The state's housing mandate finally explained
Residents aren't the only ones complaining about the forced immigration of 18,000 new households into the county
May 2, 2002
vol. 16, no.39
Congrats to SLO County's cool cats!
April 25, 2002
vol. 16, no.38
Take them off, please
The state won't pay $5,000 to castrate a convicted rapist, but they don't mind paying $120,000 per year for the rest of his life to keep him at ASH
April 18, 2002
vol. 16, no.37
It's show time
The Clark Center's opening day is just around the corner and the entire county is abuzz with excitement
April 11, 2002
vol. 16, no.36
Turning thin air into water
Local officials are looking outside of the box for solutions to the area's impending growth and the future demand for available water
April 4, 2002
vol. 16, no.35
Field of dreams
Developer Bill Bird's tumultuous attemp to develop San Luis Obispo's Dalidia farm
Mar 28, 2002
vol. 16, no.34
All for one, one for all
In order to balance community perks and teh health of the estuary, government agencies and citizens are battling out the future of Duke Energy
Mar 21, 2002
vol. 16, no.33
Changing courses
Foodies and wine snobs agree: Paso is the place to be
Mar 14, 2002
vol. 16, no.32
Here comes the sludge
As SLO County considers importing sewer waste for ag use, some people are making a stink
Mar 7, 2002
vol. 16, no.31
The be-all, catch-all
A 16-year-old law has become a haven for bounty hunters out to get cash rather than save lives
Feb 28, 2002
vol. 16, no.30
You be the judge
Local elections are just around the corner
Feb 21, 2002
vol. 16, no.29
The mayor who would be king
Feb 14, 2002
vol. 16, no.28
No doctor in the house?
Bankruptcies, strikes, discontent unraveling SLO health care
Feb 7, 2002
vol. 16, no.27
Spore wars
California law is finally catching up with one of the most deadly household hazards
Jan 31, 2002
vol. 16, no.26
Dreamers or Devils?
Local developers say they're a different breed of entrepreneur-and that they deserve a little respect
Jan 24, 2002
vol. 16, no.25
Light on your feet
Finding fun and happiness while dancing your way to fitness
Jan 17, 2002
vol. 16, no.24
Photographic license
One of the most famous photos in American history-Dorothea Lange's 'Migrant Mother' - was taken right here in Nipomo. It captured the heart of the public and moved a nation, but it didn't tell the whole story
Jan 10, 2002
vol. 16, no.23
Rock 'n' roll grandma
The First Lady of Rockabilly can still rock the house
Jan 3, 2002
vol. 16, no.22
Enriching the fabric of our existence
As long as there has been need in these parts, there have been SLO volunteers lending an open hand and opening a comforting heart

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