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I'm unconvinced that 'America first' is for losers 

I know New Times heartily endorsed Audrey McClish's commentary, "Why 'America First' is for losers" (April 5), which was a well-written, idealistic piece, but I found it unconvincing. Instead, I sense serious shortcomings in her knowledge of our founding principles and our Constitution.

How naive it is to say, "I realize that immigration is a complicated issue, and that a certain amount of control and regulation is necessary" and then go on to champion no control whatsoever.

Illegal immigrants are not good people. They're people, just as our citizens are people. Some are good, some bad. Some are smart, some dumb. Some are educated, some not so much. Some are honest, some are crooks. Why should I believe that in some way illegal immigrants are better, more honest, more hard working than my friends and neighbors?

Can you imagine what would happen if the 50,000 illegals caught coming across our southern border in March were just allowed to stay and given some type of legal status? I certainly can. It would start a stampede of illegals similar to what we saw in Europe when Germany opened its borders to the war-torn and oppressed. That only makes sense. In spite of so many on the left, you included, with a hate "America first" (and perhaps hate America) opinion, the rest of the world knows that there's no better place to live than here in the United States and they're willing to die to get here.

I'm a second-generation American while most of my friends are first-generation, and we all believe in the value of immigration and appreciate the contributions made by legal immigrants. So stop calling us names and demonizing us for wanting orderly and legal immigration. We are a sovereign nation and have the right to decide if and who we want to accept. And if we decide we only want Ph.D.s, that's fine. If we decide we only want farm hands, that's fine, too. It's our choice.

So my advice to Ms. McClish, as she matures into adulthood, is to widen her view by seeking out folks with opposing opinions, listen and learn from them, and then articulate better arguments in support of her position. What she offered in her commentary was useless. And calling half of our citizens who believe in "America first" losers just proves how immature and ignorant (lacking knowledge or awareness) she is and adds nothing in support of her argument.

Gary Wechter

Arroyo Grande

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