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San Luis Obispo

Seriously, people let’s be frank. You send a reporter out to cover a story, where the most advanced known and proven water technology available in the world is turning raw sewage into purified water in a town where 5,000 homeowners are under “cease and desist” orders from one of the most powerful agencies in the state, facing fines of $5,000 per day, per household for polluting our precious aquifer, and the biggest story you can create is about two business people having a disagreement and splitting ways?????? (“Investor, business partner abandon Reclamator, July 31, 2008.) Is this your amateur attempt at being “edgy?” What a missed opportunity!

I would think a professional journalist would be scratching his or her head and asking why our public officials, whose sole responsibility is to stop the pollution of our waters and seek out and promulgate the best available solution for the Los Osos homeowners, are not testing or taking a stand on the Reclamator. Have you ever heard one of them stand up and say, “The Reclamator doesn’t work and here’s why”? No, you haven’t. Don’t you find that interesting?

If Tom [Murphy] is a fraud, then expose him, but if he’s not, then why not embrace the technology? Do you think money might have something to do with it?

It works. The National Sanitation Foundation has documented it; there have been numerous tests documenting it. You saw with your own eyes and were given data to back up that it works, you don’t have to take “Cowboy Tom’s” word for it, and yet the story you come away with is all based on a disgruntled employee who was fired for trying to take over the technology. Shame on you. It’s a good thing you weren’t covering Edison when he discovered electricity, I doubt you would make the connection.

We are quite disappointed in your abilities to “get the facts.”

-- Jeff Lind - General Manager, S. Lombardi & Associates

-- Jeff Lind - General Manager, S. Lombardi & Associates

-- Jeff Lind - General Manager, S. Lombardi & Associates

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