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New Earth Superfoods' Juice Bar and Central Coast Brewing's CAB Barrel Aged Dark Strong Ale 

When a Vitamin Water just isn’t going to cut it: New Earth Superfoods’ Juice Bar

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So, you woke up in an empty kiddie pool to the frightening sight of a half-eaten box of pizza teetering atop your swollen belly. Sour cream and onion chips are strewn across the lawn, peppered by the odd popsicle stick and moon pie wrapper. The dog is missing. Before you deal with any of that, I suggest a visit to the extensive juice bar at New Earth Superfoods. We all know that a shot of fresh juice can do wonders for your brain, your mood, and your hangover. I am pretty up-to-date on clean eating, but I still get intimidated at most juice bars, and this visit was no exception. There are too many choices, too many ways to “mess up” and create something that tastes—not just looks like—straight up pond muck. With a little help from proprietor Rishi Ternes—who tweaked my sugar-laden all-fruit request into a more balanced concoction of fruits and veggies—I was stoked to walk away with a sweet-yet-tangy nutrient-packed beverage. Hayley’s Magic Mix: organic carrots, pear, apple, lemon, and ginger. This is no snake oil, people. Yes, you too can experience that energizing flush that only a fresh juice (or moderate jog after the ice cream truck) can bring. Ask for the red head’s special.

Juice (with four ingredients); $7 for a 12-ounce; $9 for a 16-ounce; 942 Chorro Street, SLO.

Wine with your beer: Central Coast Brewing’s CAB Barrel Aged Dark Strong Ale

My go-to at Central Coast Brewing Company will always and forever be their spicy, aromatic Chai Ale. However, if you stop by the brewery this week, you might be in for a treat. I say “might” because there’s only so much of this bad boy left. Seriously, after you read this, run all the way to Central Coast Brewing a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Don’t stop. Don’t talk to anyone. The golden ticket: The brewery’s CAB Barrel Aged Dark Strong Ale, aged in—you guessed it—cabernet sauvignon barrels. It’s got the toasty, oaky feel of a robust red wine paired with a medium-bodied (yet decadently dark) brew. When I visited the hangout on a Tuesday, I was delighted to see a swath of locals chowing down on $2 tacos on the patio (Thanks college kids! Taco Tuesday is an awesome invention). Before you go thanking me for this fine discovery, I should note: Due to limited supply, the 8 percent alcohol ale is exclusively served by the 4-ounce taste. It just goes to show: When the beer is this good, size is not a problem.

CAB Barrel Aged Dark Strong Ale, $4 for a four-ounce taste; 1422 Monterey St., SLO.

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