Wednesday, August 24, 2016     Volume: 31, Issue: 4

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Fire season is upon us. What’s your take on the situation?

Many of them are man-made. We need to be more careful.
It’s just a fact of life in California. The best we can do is be prepared.
It’s only going to get worse thanks to climate change and poor fire suppression methods.
Why does this keep happening? Smokey Bear is slacking off at his job!

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New Times / Hayley's Pick

Granada's Grapefruit Jalapeno soda and Zocker Winery's Gruner Veltliner

My favorite SLO farmers’ market is intimate, cozy, and near my house: the Madonna Plaza market on Saturday mornings. However, there’s still no beating a hectic march down Higuera Street with the masses on Thursday night. Sometimes you just want to be part of humanity, in all of its craziness. Next Thursday, meander your way north toward Chorro Street and follow your nose to the scent of sizzling pork. Granada is hooking up the whole hog (pork tacos, bahn mi sandos, chicharrones) but also creating some really tasty, creative sodas that will simply blow your mind. This grapefruit concoction is bittersweet with just enough jalapeño heat. And when the band is playing on the nearby Harvest Stage, it’s totally worth venturing outside for.

Granada’s Grapefruit Jalapeño soda—About $3; Granada booth at Thursday night Farmers’ Market near intersection of Higuera and Chorro streets.

According to local comedian Michael Zalusky, comedians are traveling from all over the country to play Kreuzberg, California’s little lounge. I believe it. The downtown SLO room is special, and it’s not just the beer and wine offerings that attract the crowds. OK, maybe that helps a little. It’s a wonder and a miracle that this earthy, crisp, melon-scented wine didn’t come shooting out of my nose last Friday night.

Zocker Winery’s Gruner Veltliner—$20 a bottle; 5821 Orcutt Road, SLO. 

Hayley Thomas has shot many beverages out of her nose. You can reach her at