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You realize you're calling victims 'whores,' right? 

In response to Steve T. Kobara’s “Don’t settle for empty sexual calories” letter (Sept. 26):

Steve, you claim that “when women and children are kidnapped and forced to be whores,”—it’s not kind to name-call victims of horrid crimes whores, by the way!—“their liberties are violated.” Did you know that this is one of the main arguments for legalizing prostitution? No? Then maybe you’re the “not-so-bright adult” in this scenario rather than the “Street Talk” respondents who you think lack intelligence simply because their opinion differs from yours.

If prostitution were legalized, there would be no need for human trafficking. Being a professional sex worker would be a choice for women and men. Granted, there will always be a seedy element somewhere, but legalizing and regulating the practice would go a long way to protect all women, men, and children who want nothing to do with the business.

I’m further puzzled how you can make the claim that “for some ... sex without commitment can further regress into child molestation and rape.” Did you hear this fallacious claim on the wily Fox network, or did you pull it directly from your fundament? I’ve yet to see the data to confirm your claim. Just saying it’s so doesn’t make it so, Steve.

I think you get off on having a smug sense of superiority over anyone whose perception of sexuality differs from that of your own. Well, guess what, Steve: No matter what you think of prostitutes and casual sex, they’re both here to stay. Better to regulate the oldest profession in order to protect its workers from abuses, as well as to keep innocent victims from being taken from their lives and being called a whore by the likes of you!

-- Amber Hudson Fend - Cayucos

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