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Who's biased? 


In my opinion Lisa Ellman (“Change, Dr. Baker,” Nov. 20) did far more to damage her integrity than she ever hoped to do to Dr. Baker with her “two cents”.

Ms. Ellman proved that a college education is only as good as its application. She could not stay on her point without insulting the community she lives in, the school she graduated from, and over half the population of the area. This nullified any concern she may have had for those targeted by racism at Crops House. It also begs the question, “Where have you been?”

First of all, the papers have been full of denouncements of the event from campus staff and administrators. Much of that was paid ads, for which the funds involved would have more effectively served any deserving student.

Did she learn the word “demographics” while wasting her time at Cal Poly? Surely she knew San Luis Obispo was not Los Angeles. Why didn’t she pick a school down there? Why does she live here now?

I’m not saying she’s unwelcome. This area is full of minorities who are welcome here! I just don’t get her angst. She seems to be using a current event to mask her personal biases.

She shouldn’t insult the professors and staff who made her education possible and insult the culturally rich community she chooses to live in now. Surely, she can come up with a better synopsis than “white bread”. Isn’t she just as guilty of prejudice with such language?

I’d be willing to bet that if it somehow were possible to make the population of this county match the percentages of minorities living in the U.S. she’d still be griping and name calling. No education can hide bad manners. She should grow up and get a life.

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