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What does the Shredder think it is? 

I want to thank you for printing my commentary on why I’m supporting Donald Trump (“I’m not ignorant,” May 12). I think it’s important for your readers to hear from those with a different point of view. That’s one reason why I read New Times regularly and contribute occasionally.

Your Shredder comment, however, insinuating that I might be “dumber than a sack of combed-over hair” and “ignorant and racist” only reassures me that my points must have hit their mark and, perhaps, hurt your sensitivities (“Signs of the times,” May 12). I know that most folks on the left vote their feelings rather than common sense.

Let’s face it, the U.S. economy sucks and your guy had seven years to fix it and it still sucks. And now you want to continue toward oblivion with crooked Hilary. Are you serious? Did you ever think that a different direction might yield a better outcome? Remember, it’s the folks who read your paper that are paying the lion’s share of the cost for these high ideals and poor policies not us retired folks.

And Shredder’s comment “Herr Wechter” was uncalled for. Yes, my father was Jewish and some of his family did die in the German death camps, but we’ve left that behind us and feel lucky and grateful to be living the American dream.

Please tell the Shredder to smarten up.

-- Gary Wechter - Arroyo Grande

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