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Wake up, people, to these GOP drunken pirates 

San Luis Obispo

Sam Blakeslee, the local boy, wants to cut services to the needy in California. Sam and the rest of his republican ilk across the country represent the Greedy Old Party, and the only constituents they care about are the insurance companies, mega-corporations, and the top three percent of income recipients in the nation who don’t really earn that money. They have more than enough money—compared to the remaining 97 percent of the country—to pay a little more in taxes to keep America from falling apart. Bush’s tax cuts should not be extended for this elite few. These people do not create jobs. Ask Alan Greenspan if they do. And Warren Buffet said he pays too little in taxes. Mr. Buffet acknowledged that his receptionist pays a higher percentage in taxes than he does.

The GOP wants to dumb down our nation by cutting education. They want to repeal healthcare and privatize social security, Medicare, and other social programs that help the poor and the shrinking middle class. None of these services should be “for profit” businesses. They are essentials, needs, and should be set up as strictly nonprofit agencies to serve the public.

Blakeslee and the Republican minority’s obstructionism and divisiveness have strangled our state’s budget and resulted in the “Fearful Fifth” cult that follows Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. They don’t share facts; instead, they make up hateful ghost stories that the intentionally uneducated eat up. They all seem to love fear and hate and want endless war—Crusades forever. They do this in the name of their special religion, which is the only religion that should be recognized in the world, in their opinion. Just ask Glenn Beck. This is verging on delusional, and for Glenn Beck, a very lucrative livelihood.

These conservatives, who spent borrowed money like drunken pirates on wars during the last two administrations, want to divide our country through misinformation and lies to feed hate based on the old prejudices they have kept alive and well in Southern politics. They appear to want to start another civil war. Do they really want a confederacy for a government? Chinese democracy and a Wal-Mart world? Wake up, people, and don’t forget to vote in November.

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