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Wake up and act like Americans 


This economic depression is entirely government planned and caused and can be corrected by cutting government size 80 percent, at all levels, back to Constitutional limits, and we’ll have wall-to-wall freedom for prosperity, jobs, and “happy days will be here again.”

Sing it out people and do it! Dump the incumbents, fat-cat bureaucrats, and their Gestapo bureaus before they pick our bones clean—as they are now doing. Tell ’em that when we do business, we don’t got to show them no stinking badges, licenses, or permits! We are free people in a free country, and they are the criminals!

Wake up, people, and act like Americans, and if anyone tries to unlawfully take your freedom away, step on their proverbial necks. We must turn this economy and country around. Get organized; it’s them or us, and the choice should not be difficult.

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