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Classy adult entertainer

New Times: What exactly do you do?
Vixen: I do a massage in an outfit and then a striptease. It’s all entertainment. I used to entertain a lot of bachelor parties, but found that was tedious and changed my approach. Now I work with one client at a time.

New Times: How long have you done this?
Vixen: I prefer to work by myself as opposed to for a company. I’ve been running my own ad for about two-and-a-half years. I also go to Cuesta and want to be a nurse. I’m putting myself through school. I feel that this is a safe area that allows me to do this. If I was young forever I would probably do this forever.

New Times: How did you get into this?
Vixen: A neighbor of mine dared me to go to the Spearmint Rhino for amateur night and I ended up working for three nights. I decided that I enjoyed it and am good with people. I have a way of making people relax. I figured that massage therapists make like $55, and by changing it a little and doing it partially nude, I could make money and its more fun for the clients.

New Times
: Has business declined with the current economic times?
Vixen: I think there will always be a need for this sort of service, because they need stress relief. It has been good. I charge $150 an hour and do about two clients a day. I was a little worried that with craigslist and other free advertising that I wouldn’t have a clientele, but I have a very nice repeat clientele. I have about 10 repeat clients and occasionally I take on a new client. All of my clients are decent people.

New Times
: How do you keep yourself safe?
Vixen: I screen clients on the phone and tell that them what I offer is a full body massage and after then a visual show.
I have a specific type. When I arrive I spend some time talking with them. I have never gone into a situation that has looked un-safe.

New Times: Why work for yourself instead of a company?
Vixen: I find that when I am in control, I can make better decisions. I am able to talk with them on the phone and decide. If I feel uncomfortable with them at the door I will leave.

New Times
: Do you have a specific song you like to perform to?
Vixen: No, I usually don’t bring music. I have found that the way that I do it I don’t need music.

New Times: How do you preserve your clients privacy?
Vixen: I arrive at their door dressed very professionally.

New Times
: How did you choose your name?
Vixen: Well I know that Vixen means female fox and I thought that was cute.

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