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Violent rhetoric run amok 

San Luis Obispo

Sarah Palin with her “don’t retreat … reload,” Sharron Angle and her “second amendment remedies,” and Joe “You Lie” Wilson, and the hatred and belief in myths and lies spewed by Glenn Beck, et al, have finally borne fruit. A young man in Arizona has shot a Democratic Congresswoman, a federal judge, and innocent men, women, and children, in front of a Safeway. Six people are dead as I write this, and 13 wounded.

Sarah Palin had a political ad that placed the cross-hairs of a gun-sight over the 8th District, which is Representative Gabrielle Giffords’s district. Ms. Palin and friends incited violence in this individual to become a home-grown terrorist. They should be implicated and indicted in this heinous crime as co-conspirators.

They seem drugged. Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, and Michelle Bachman hardly ever make sense, and their arguments are never based on anything factual except their delusions. And this goes for Speaker Boehner and all the “lock-step” new Republican members of Congress. Their veiled threats to overthrow this president and government have infected the “fearful fifth” of intentionally low intelligence citizens. Can we reinstate “truth in advertising” and also apply it to news and Congress, for ethics’ sake?

Congresspeople should be censured or impeached if they are basing policy on false science, myth, and angry emotion, such as “job-killing health care,” “death panels,” and “socialist agenda,” to name a few. In most instances, the right wing in the last 10 years has had false facts and math that didn’t add up. If these people and their media mouthpieces incite violence with their rhetoric of lies, they should be held accountable and be implicated and indicted if there are any more heinous hate-crimes like we have just witnessed.

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