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Vince LeBlanc 

Traditional Tattoo artist

New Times: Was it a nerve-racking experience performing your first tattoo?
LeBlanc: Oh yeah, I had to do my first tattoo on a friend. My hands were shaking. A lot of people do their first tattoo on themselves. That’s not really too nerve-racking, but doing it on your first client is.

New Times: Is there a regular staff at Traditional Tattoo or do you get a lot of independent artists coming in?
LeBlanc: It’s generally staff that we work with. There will be people who do guest spots. Some artists like the freedom that their job gives them. Generally I work with the same people though.

New Times: Is there any area of the body that is particularly painful to get tattooed?
LeBlanc: The most protected areas on your body, those that are not exposed to a lot of wear and tear are going to hurt more; for example, your ribs and hands.

New Times: What’s the largest tattoo you’ve done?
LeBlanc: Back pieces have the most surface area. I’ve never done a whole body, so back pieces are probably the largest.

New Times: Are there people who want whole body tattoos?
LeBlanc: Japanese artists typically do whole tattoos. Americanized tattoos are more like piecework, but it is not uncommon for people to want something like that.

New Times: Who are your customers? Are many college students?
LeBlanc: Any business in this town gets a lot of college students, but I will say though that more women then men get tattoos. I tattoo a lot of girls nowadays. The new trend is tattoos on the foot instead of the lower back. They also get peek-a-boo tattoos, something you cannot see with clothes on.

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