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Utilities recognize you as an income source 

San Luis Obispo

Mr. Fountain, do you have the integrity to investigate what you write, or do you just regurgitate what someone wants you to hear (“SmartMeter opt-out plan finalized,” Feb. 9)?

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 did promote the opportunity for “individual choice when it comes to meters in our customers’ homes,” but the individual choice was to request a “smart” meter installation, not to fight installation of one.

If PG&E ever said, “We will now know the minute you go to bed or work; turn on a hair dyer or television; or go on vacation, and, as part of this ‘smart’ meter program, you are responsible to use power when we think it’s best or pay higher rates,” how many people do you think would request a “smart” meter?

How many people have a “smart” meter because they were not informed that the true costs of the meters include invasion of constitutionally protected privacy and possible health issues before the PG&E installations? How many people will have a smart meter only because they cannot afford the punitive and extraordinary costs of this proposed, now “opt-out” program?

An individual’s desire for constant home or business energy tracking could have been accomplished otherwise, but the utilities recognized other income sources: you.

The propaganda spin on this issue is immense, as the utilities are not doing this for us.

“Smart” meters are no different from cell phones or other GPS tracking, wire-tapping, or unreasonable searches and seizures. They are unconstitutional.

Recall smart meters.

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