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Use the Internet to send a message to our crummy leaders 

Arroyo Grande

Ask the old-schooler like me the following:

What’s causing all the unrest in the Middle East and South Korea? Those people there see how the rest of the world lives on the Internet and demand equal freedom and rights.

Why did we go into Afghanistan and Iraq? It was to reset the U.S. dollar versus the Euro by controlling the world price of oil.

Why is health care so expensive? Because of the greedy health and pharmacy companies! Their profits are obscene.

Why is gas and food getting so expensive? Lack of restrictions on the future market speculators. Require them to take physical delivery of the commodity; end all playing on the long side.

Why is the government broke? Somehow the large corporations and others have convinced our legislators to rewrite the tax code. It’s OK now to make windfall profits here while paying little or no taxes because of special interest tax provisions. If it’s OK to tax a waitress’ tips, it should be mandatory to tax the rich.

Look, we already bailed out the banks and Wall Street and gave huge tax breaks to the elite, upper-class rich. Still they continue to degrade the working middle class. Can we change things? Yes! Contact your elected legislator now and demand that he or she stand up to the fat cats and let them know we don’t let fellow Americans starve, or go uneducated, or go without affordable health care, and we can’t accept their trickle-down economy any longer!

Demand that the greedy b*stards who smashed the world economy be held accountable!! If the poor and middle class did what they did, we’d be in jail! Anything short of incarceration is not being held accountable.

Ask yourself: Do you trust the government? So you see America’s dream turning into America’s nightmare? Folks, we need organization in using the Internet to our advantage and remind them they work for us and no elected official is too big to be recalled, censured, expelled, or impeached. The Internet could be used to orchestrate the ultimate Google coup d’etat.

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