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U.S. citizens: Act like U.S. citizens! 


Mum and Dad saved so Mum and I could come to the United States to join Dad legally. Dad, born a U.S. citizen, married Mum, an English subject, while he was stationed in England serving in the U.S. Army in 1944.

Both of my dad’s older brothers (former Navy) were our sponsors in case Dad or Mum wouldn’t be able to work, so we wouldn’t become dependent on the U.S. government.

We arrived in New York in May of 1946.

Mum had an accent, so many a time she was asked if she was a citizen and where she was from originally.

June of 1956, Mum and a room full of “proud U.S. citizens” were sworn in “allegiance to the United States of America” with happy families and friends looking on through tears of joy. Back then, the swearing in would happen at the county seat, which was San Luis Obispo City Hall in California.

I know Mum didn’t take it lightly, giving up citizenship of her native land to become a U.S. citizen. Now a family of five (two younger brothers) were all U.S. citizens. Yes, I was a U.S. citizen before I got on the boat—not any dual citizenship.

Mum would get her picture ID at the DMV. No, she never did drive, thanks to a drunk driver who killed her twin brother and left her blind in one eye while they were playing in their yard at preschool age in the mid-1920s.

Hard to believe some U.S. citizens complain they would have to carry an identification card/picture ID and feel like second-class citizens, to make sure all in the Great Land are here legally.

I’m still referred to as my retired Army husband’s dependant. Never once did I consider it an inconvenience/second-class citizen move to show my ID card for base access to give birth when at Forth Monmouth, N.J., or at Paso Robles when our middle child came into this world while his daddy was in ’Nam.

Don’t you just hate it when media report 49 percent of voters voted in an election? That’s a disgrace! That’s 49 percent of citizens who bothered to register to vote!

Get off your duff—I don’t mean pudding! Have the gumption to get registered to vote, then stand up and respect what our flag stands for. Vote.

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