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Re: “The public should know more about grand jurors

Oh, brother. The Grand Jury relies on volunteers and, with the time commitment required, its membership is weighed heavily toward retirees. Look at criminal and civil juries: People with financial hardships typically are excluded, and that means that those juries, too, are weighted toward those available to serve. As for financial filings, there are interests and then there are "reportable" interests. The average homeowner has nothing he or she is required to report. The civil Grand Jury system is flawed, to be sure: We ask people to pass judgment on things about which they know little. Sounds like you'd be right for the job, Kevin, because you do this regularly.

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Posted by tsankawi on 12/21/2017 at 10:19 AM

Re: “A grave threat to the Republic

I seldom agree with Mr. Fonzi's musings, but this one goes beyond standard-fare right wing schtick and slops over into John Birch Society conspiratorial nonsense--and it's dangerous. He gives credence to blog hysterics who imagine that there was a "coup" attempt brewing within the FBI, designed to bring down his happy King Mordred. This puts him in Alex Jones territory, the fever swamp of Pizzagate, of black helicopters and trilateral commissions that are working in clandestine cells, using code names and microchips, conspiring against the Caligula simpleton whom the minority of this country elected, and the majority of this country distrusts. This may make his fellow yokels slap the ground and hoot, but the rest of us know that the FBI itself--by its very nature--tilts to the right of center. These are law enforcement professionals who distrust Fonzi's "Antifa" bogeyman just as much as they distrust the Black Lives Matter movement. Fonzi goes too far, here, spreading dangerous nonsense.

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Posted by tsankawi on 12/21/2017 at 9:54 AM

Re: “Make America Great Again?

Over 53,000 New Yorkers died at the hands of southern seditionists, including over 5,000 in their POW camps. This is the heritage that Trump wants to celebrate.

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Posted by tsankawi on 11/02/2017 at 11:55 AM

Re: “Arm in arm: Organized labor in SLO County

At its core, union activity is capitalism personified. The products being marketed, however, are not automobiles or apples or television sets; they are hours of an individual's life, given over in exchange for pay. And just as corporations have marketing and professional associations (Chambers of Commerce, for example), so should employees have the freedom to gather, join associations that promote their common interest and use their collective strength to impact the supply and demand of their product.

But they have lost their playing field, due to a series of legislative assaults on their freedoms that bloomed in the Reagan administration and may be about to reach full flower in the new Supreme Court, where the corporate-sponsored Justice Gorsuch ("Yes, you should be fired if you abandoned your truck because you either were going to (a) freeze to death, or (b) likely kill others in unsafe conditions") will likely cast a deciding vote to strip unions of their right to charge hitchhikers a fee for representation.

Remember, these are the same union-busters described by John Steinbeck. They aren't using thugs with bludgeons as often as they once did; they now purchase congressmen and judges to do their work. The photographs aren't as bloody, but the results are the same: If you want to know why the middle-class has faded away, and the working class has had to stand in line for government benefits in order to help their families survive, you can look first to the systematic assault on unions.

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Posted by tsankawi on 09/29/2017 at 8:16 AM

Re: “First Amendment under fire

Well, sure, Antifa. Okay. ACORN was the top bogeyman for a while, even after the allegations against it were proven to be spurious. And who could forget the "New Black Panthers"--that terrifying incident of two men standing near a polling booth (where one was seen opening the door in a gentlemanly way so an elderly white lady could enter)--wow, were THEY ever scary!! And remember what happened when poll workers asked one of them--a fellow exercising his Jesus-endorsed 2nd Amendment right--to leave? Oh yeah. He left. And then there's Black Lives Matter (shudder), a group that has asked that, hey, let's knock off the extrajudicial murder of black children, whaddya say? The Right always has to have some bogeyman to grant themselves victimhood, and today it is Antifa's turn. Yeah, yeah, yeah, some of its members have behaved like idiots and thugs. But so have some PTA members and so have some cops, but let's not paint them all with the thug-brush. That's not just lazy talk, it's brutally dishonest.

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Posted by tsankawi on 09/29/2017 at 7:59 AM

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