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Try socialized medicine on our pets first 


A drug company will screen about 20,000 new chemical compounds in animals for efficacy and safety, and only the most promising new drugs go on for further testing. This is where the many failures and problems are discovered and corrected. Even then human trials are limited to only a few volunteers before more extensive trials are undertaken. This requires years of development work and millions of dollars and is one reason why drugs are so expensive. When a new drug finally reaches the marketplace for the general public, a lot is known about that drug and its safety is fairly assured.

It is a quite different procedure when the government tries a new health-care law (good or bad) that everyone knows will effect us all.

One can now get private animal health-care insurance, and I suggest that we try the first socialized government health-care system on animals first. Surely socialized health care for your pet would be a good test of the system’s efficiency, efficacy, and safety before it goes to the general public. I’m sure the liberal progressives will embrace my idea, but I’m worried how the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will feel about this.

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