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Trump supporters not welcome 

Let's match businesses with politics, so we know where to spend our money

We heard the disturbing news that early last week that Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary, was heckled by demonstrators while attempting to enjoy a quiet dinner in a Washington D.C. Mexican restaurant. Then, a few days later, it was reported that a restaurateur in Virginia asked White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders to leave her restaurant after already being seated and served.

It seems to me that these public servants aren't deserving of such treatment, marking a new low in the behavior and civility of the political left. Perhaps it's time for a new approach when those of us with political leanings need to deal with a private business.

I know in my own life that I stopped watching football because of the politics that I was forced to endure with players taking a knee during the national anthem. Instead, I now tune into PGA golf where I can enjoy gifted athletes without needing to know who they voted for.

In like manner, I no longer spend my money going to movies staring the likes of Sean Penn or Robert De Niro, talented as they may be, preferring instead to plop down my 10 bucks and enjoy movies by Clint Eastwood or Jon Voight.

I also do my best to no longer purchase anything from Amazon, a Trump-hating company, and instead find everything I need in a better designed and friendlier website:

So I think it's time for all businesses to disclose their political leanings so we, the public, can spend our time and money at establishments that respect us and appreciate our business. For retail businesses, like restaurants and shops, there's a really easy solution. Just install a placard at the entrance with a single letter. "R" for those preferring to serve Republicans; "D" for those interested in serving Democrats; and "W" for businesses that are willing to welcome everyone.

If we did that in our community then, for example, if Large Sky didn't like Trump and would prefer not to serve Deplorables, they'd have this easy, polite way of letting us know. Similarly, if Grandma's Tavern would prefer not to serve bleeding-heart liberals, they could do the same. While, perhaps, Happy Town Brew is one that's indeed happy to serve anyone, a "W" would be seen upon entry. (Note: restaurant names were conjured up and any resemblance to actual businesses is purely accidental.)

Look, we already have our own TV stations: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC for the left and Fox for the Deplorables. Our radio shows, NPR for the left and Rush Limbaugh for us. And our newspapers, the Tribune for the left and New Times for everyone. We're obviously headed in this direction so why not continue?

How about United Airlines for the left and American Airlines for the Deplorables. Patagonia for the left and Cabela's for us. Hertz for the left, Avis for Trump supporters, and Enterprise for everyone. Such disclosure could make it easier to pick with whom to do business.

I mean, can you imagine some lefty taking a long flight and forced to sit next to me while I'm donning my Make America Great Again hat and the full plane offers no available seats for retreat? Scary thought, huh?

So I think it would make everyone feel more comfortable, especially in restaurants, both for servers as well as those at nearby tables that might be forced to hear unsafe conversation, to separate bleeding hearts from Deplorables. And, in so doing, I'd accrue a special benefit to be free to wear my MAGA hat without worrying about spit or other foreign objects arriving in my meal. Δ

Gary Wechter is a retired businessman, avid Trump supporter, and proud Deplorable living in Arroyo Grande. Send your opinion about what he has to say in a letter to the editor emailed to

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