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This is why the rest of the world hates Americans 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Regarding “Sophisticated defense doesn’t come cheap” by Justin Ruhge (Nov. 25):

As a Canadian traveling through SLO, I was appalled by the statements made in this letter and the fact it was even published. “The Muslims must be defeated with focus and determination by freedom-loving people in the world.” How do you “defeat” a billion people? And since when do freedom-loving people “defeat” each other because of their choice of religion in a country where one is free to choose whichever they please?

It continues: “The Muslims have been the menace in the world for 1,400 years.” Perhaps you have forgotten the Crusades, Inquisition, and burning of heathens executed by Christians in the exact same time frame. It’s not one religion, but foolish, indoctrinated men of all creeds who do evil.

Osama bin Laden is just one crazy man, who happens to have been trained by U.S. government money, completely refuting your entire point.

Ask a Palestinian encased behind the apartheid wall, or one of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis with a slain family member, who is the true menace. Iraq was more tolerant of Christianity and had less religious-based attacks before getting a dose of this “freedom” you speak of.

I’m never one to make such sweeping generalizations as the author of the letter, but in case you’re wondering why there’s a widespread impression the rest of the world hates Americans and thinks they’re brash and ignorant, I would call this letter Exhibit A.

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