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They should listen to us, not Wall Street 

Los Osos

I used to look forward to the 4th of July. I used to be patriotic, used to have faith in our government, used to be proud to be an American.

But somewhere along the way, I’ve lost that feeling--along with my house, my business, my 401k, my pension.

We are now more than halfway through the year and presidential term, and nothing has been resolved. If you think there is a difference between what is happening in Greece, California, New York, Wisconsin, Ireland, Spain, Texas, etc.—that it’s not related—WAKE UP! It’s the world economy crashing around us.

Wall Street (too big to fail) got us into this mess, and we still have the same financial criminals—Geithner, Summer, and Bernanke—who were in Bush’s White House calling the shots.

Please write, e-mail, or call our elected officials. Support the reinstatement of Glass-Stiegel (HR 1489), which will separate banking from the speculators. Are we really brain washed, brain dead? We elected them. Isn’t about time they listened to us and not Wall Street?

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