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The Universal Urge 

So, intelligent designers agree that evolution is the right theory for small things, but not for first things (“Origin of the specious,� Dec. 22-29). So, if there is an intelligence that designed the large things, what designed that intelligence? What? No one did? It's always been and will be? We can say the same about the universe, without including a prime mover or creator.

But let me add to the discussion. I don't know if there is or isn't a prime mover, but either he/she/it is dead or inactive in the universe today. However, what is active in everything, from the tiniest particle to the largest, is what I call the Universal Urge — the potential, the innate urge, to become. Everything from the smallest to the largest has that motivation to become something else, to unite and to divide.

We see it all around us. Seeds have the urge; the innate potential to become trees or vegetables. Trees have in them the potential to become decaying wood. The leaves, the potential to become organic matter. Everything has the potential to become something else and is, in fact, in constant flux of becoming something else. That innate potential is the Universal Urge; just egging everything on to be part of the endless cycle of becoming. And we don't need to worship it as a group or in a building. If we accept life we automatically accept it. Even if we reject life, we still accept it. It's an innate part of us.

Roy Berger - Arroyo Grande

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