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The Super Committee shell game 

San Luis Obispo

The Congressional “Super Committee” was an anti-democratic maneuver by Obama and the top Dempublicans and Republicrats to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid without having to vote that way in open session. Democrats are selling out their base again by even considering cuts to these vital programs. No one seriously believes that the bloated “Offense Department” budget will be significantly cut, if at all, except maybe for cutting pensions and other benefits for rank and file military personnel and veterans—so much for “support the troops.”

It will be a miracle if the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy are touched at all. Likewise, really ending military involvement in the Middle East and all around the world is a pipe dream that was never truly intended—it’s just too profitable. The Plutocrats and Oligarchs who pull the strings in this country—the top tier of the 1 percent—know what their class interests are, even if most others do not.

Those who still hold onto the illusion that there are significant differences between the 1 percent-serving, evil-twin, two major political parties need to pull their heads out of the muck and think again. These “parties” sometimes wear different masks and make different sounds, but the beast underneath is identical. From D.C. to Sacramento to good old SLO Town it’s the same, and they’re making you and your neighbors and all the kids, parents, and grandparents take the hit for the collapse of their corrupt and rotten system.

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obispo

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obipso

-- Jim Griffin - SLO

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