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The easiest solution to oil troubles? Electricity 

Santa Maria

I know for a fact that an electric auto could be built tomorrow. So do all the automakers of the world. Building a prototype, using current technology, parts, and equipment, could be done for less than a million dollars. And it wouldn’t have to be plugged into an electric outlet to be recharged every 200 to 300 miles.

GM stopped its electric car project in the 1990s because they realized it would work. But, unfortunately, their success would also drastically reduce their profits from oil income. That’s how corporate America thinks and works. Follow the money trail.

Furthermore, the people we elect to high office work congruently with automakers, through lobbyists, to suppress any advancement in auto technology that would improve gas mileage. Gas taxes are one of the biggest “cash cows” these folks have at their disposal. That’s why they won’t pass any MPG improvements before the year 2020, while continuing to suppress the development of electric autos that produce zero dollars in gas revenue.

Unfortunately, we will have to depend on the combustion engine and jet propulsion for years to come because those vehicles can’t generate the necessary power to function with anything but oil-based products. Therefore, the need for oil will continue to exist.

Alternative fuels made from corn, sugar, or other by-products grown is only putting off the inevitable and robbing Peter to pay Paul, while continuing great harm to the environment.

Altering how we choose to power autos will only bring about the big change in oil consumption. The easiest solution is to power cars with electricity generated by batteries.

And as for the age-old dilemma of lost tax revenue, don’t worry: Our politicians will solve that one to our great discomfort.

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