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The bag ban is about making a point 

San Luis Obispo

This letter is to respond to Jennifer Johnson from the Oct. 18 paper (“The bag ban is about greed”) and to a few like-sounding whiners from the weeks past. First off, Jennifer, you really didn’t explain how this ban you speak of is “nothing more than an exercise in greed.” Who’s being greedy? Why? Second off, I am sorry to hear that the 10-cent-a-bag fee is bankrupting you. Really, I am.

But mainly, congratulations on stubbornly ignoring the real point and purpose of the plastic-bag ban. Big Brother is not trying to get rich off of your 10-cent fees. Quit dreaming. The idea behind the ban is for the public disgust over your wasteful “Oh, I just can’t use my hands to carry this to my car” ways, to lightly tap you in the only place you seem to care about: your wallet. The majority thinks your ways are dirty, wasteful, and selfish. So now they’ve spoken, and there’s a law. Welcome to living in a democracy.

Yes, there should be no single-use bags allowed, period. Good idea. We’ll hopefully get there soon. Same with large-item plastic packaging. Reducing the amount of waste we produce is in everyone’s best interest and should be our communal goal!

P.S. First-world problems, right?

P.P.S. You seem to have free time. Go to Wikipedia, look up “Pigovian tax,” and learn something new.

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