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Ted Sabatini, cycling instructor 

Pismo Beach Athletic Club

NEW TIMES Do you get to wear those awesomely tight riding outfits when you teach a class?

SABATINI Is there any other kind of outfit?


NEW TIMES What’s the greatest benefit someone can get from cycling, as opposed to jogging?

SABATINI Cycling is very low impact, so the injuries you could get from running don’t happen in cycling.


NEW TIMES When you’re teaching a class, what music do you like to listen to and what’s the best type of music to help you climb those imaginary hills?

SABATINI I like to mix it up; I like stuff from ’70s rock to today’s hits. Climbing up hills, you want something with a steady beat to help you keep an even cadence so you stay in your target heart rate zone. It has to be very motivating.


NEW TIMES Do you ever forget you’re indoors when you teach a class?

SABATINI Nothing can ever beat being outdoors. As much fun as being indoors can be, and as motivating it can be, nothing can beat being outside. Except inside, I don’t get hit by cars.


NEW TIMES What types of people would cycling classes benefit?

SABATINI Everyone—old, young, recovering athletes who have recent injuries and all fitness levels.


NEW TIMES What’s your favorite: big hill or sprinting?

SABATINI Sprinting. It feels like I’m racing and a lot more fun than a hill.

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