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Talk about an exercise in futility! 

Santa Maria

I can’t believe you are publicizing this guy (“Trials and tribulations,” July 28).

First, it wasn’t Jeff Lind’s case. Why butt in where you don’t belong? Why is your “relative” not saying anything? There isn’t a mention anywhere in the article of his name or any comments, other than Lind believed “Ortega was out of line.”

Second, the story mentions he was “pulled into his current legal situation while attending a hearing for a family member.” He wasn’t pulled; he dove in headfirst. Jeff, how much is your lawyer? How much was bail? How much time off of work are you willing to take to make your little statement, again, about something that had nothing to do with you?

Third, you seem to be taking advice from the National Standards Enforcement Agency. Yeah. OK. You are listening to the wrong people, Jeff. Then I read “Sovereign Body” in the description of their business. Oh, brother. Constitutionalists. You are throwing up a smokescreen, tying up the courts with frivolous bullshit, quoting laws and constitutional passages (Are you a lawyer? From reading about you, it’s real obvious you’re not.) to everyone from the cops to the prosecutors to the judge. You aren’t helping yourself here. I don’t know if the article is meant to garner sympathy for you or to show everyone what a yahoo you appear to be.

I’ve got a fearless prediction here. The court is going to reduce the charges. Lind is either going to take the plea bargain (maybe or maybe not), he is going to get fined, some probation, and promise to knock off all the BS, or he is going to ride this sucker into the ground, tie up the courts for a year or two, get found guilty of lesser charges, make a stand in court, get bulldogged into the ground for refusing to shut up in court, get fined, and do a little jail time for being uncooperative.

That last part is sort of a joke, sort of not. But it is still going to take up a bunch of his time, the court’s time, and a bunch of his money—all for nothing. No matter what the outcome, nothing is going to change in the courts, the police system, or anywhere else for that matter.

An exercise in futility.

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