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Take a deep breath when you're behind the wheel 

San Luis Obispo

I have a suggestion for Gene Gisin (“Keep the left lanes on freeways for passing only,” Sept. 9): Next time you find yourself trying to push someone down the freeway, remember that the left lane is not the fast lane in California’s Vehicle Code, so if they’re going the speed limit or more and they won’t get out of your over-entitled way, it’s your problem. You’re the one breaking the law by both speeding and tailgating, so you should take on the extra risk of the unsafe high-speed lane change you will need to do to continue your selfish and rude behavior.

Also, that instant when you look back over your right shoulder before you make your lane change—assuming you look—is the most dangerous time for everyone around you on the road. You’re traveling at high speed, tailgating, not looking where you’re going, angry, and making a quick maneuver. All are unsafe activities. The cherry on top is when you get your revenge by cutting your next lane change too close to the car you’re passing.

The danger isn’t with the driver in your way, it’s with your irrational need to treat your car like a weapon.

There are just as many studies showing that speeding doesn’t really get you where you’re going significantly sooner as there are suggesting speed limits don’t work.

So here’s my suggestion: Hang up the phone, look where you’re going, and relax. The 10 seconds you think you’re saving by driving so fast will be erased at the next stop sign or red light—if it doesn’t cost you or someone else their life first.

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