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Summer sweet 

Many folks associate the month of June with gloom. Along the coastline of San Luis Obispo, thick banks of fog have begun to roll into the neighborhoods of newly paroled kids who just want to bust out their Moon Shoes and slip ‘n’ slides after nine months of hard time served at their grammar schools. No, wait, that was the ’90s. Forgive me, I just found my first gray hairs last week and the nostalgia is coursing thick through these varicose veins of mine.

Still, it can be a drag on those fresh summer dreams. Signs your child might be suffering from June gloom include withdrawn behavior, moodiness, an incessant need to be connected to electronics, blank stares, and a lack of desire for outdoor activity. Actually, that’s normal millennial behavior.

Why not blow off that June gloom with a little of the sweet stuff (no drugs for kids, please)? I’m talking about candy. I’m talking about candy (and, really there is never a bad time to talk candy) because June is National Candy Month.

For those of us watching our waistlines, this is a month of torture and visual appreciation. Apologies to a local candy store for the drool marks on your windows. I’m not proud of what I’ve become.

For those of us with youthful, fit, and active lifestyles, it’s OK to indulge a little, and this month marks the perfect time to
do so.

There are plenty of local candy stores where you can get your kid (or yourself) a fix.

Avila Valley Barn has extended its fruity reach over the years and now has a sinfully good farmhouse deli, which services ice cream and candy. I’m going to tell you right now, the fudge section will make the most candy chaste man drop to his knees and reach for his wallet. Check out their goods at

There’s also Powell’s Sweet Shop on Court Street in San Luis Obispo, and one at 840 11th St. in Paso Robles, and it goes without saying that these places would give Wonka himself a coronary. As a Razzles fanatic, I will often frequent the SLO location to relinquish entire paychecks to fuel my habit. See what they’re made of at

Don’t forget about Rocket Fizz on Higuera Street in SLO. Not only do they sell great sodas, they also have a huge candy supply. A … uh … friend of mine once purchased $30 worth of candy one night from Rocket Fizz and she woke up to find an entire pack of Pop Rocks in her bra. She may have then eaten said Pop Rocks for breakfast. I wouldn’t know, because it definitely wasn’t me. Check out the Rocket Fizz SLO Facebook page at

No matter how you celebrate National Candy Month, remember to mark this utmost holy time with respect and reverence. And if you see any New Times writer buying candy in bulk, pretend you don’t see her and turn away in embarrassment. If no one sees the calories, they don’t count.

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